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Project Description

One-Handed Video Game Controller

Most Video Game Controllers are designed for two-hands. This ongoing project challenges the notion that video game controllers only have to be for two-hands. I also wanted to challenge the notion that accessibility devices could be seen more than “just an accessibly device.”

Latest Iteration

Newer Versions are considerably more organic and highlight a better ergonomic feel.


Various Research Papers that helped point a direction

In order to find a direction, I looked into several academic papers to see what else had been done in academia.

A Person playing a video game with one-hand

I observed how users would play video games with a two-handed video game controller with only one to see what adaptations a person who had never used one-hand to play video games would try.

Here I'm working on some older clay prototypes

Over the years, I’ve made several prototypes out of clay to figure out an ideal shape that I could then make.

These were created in Maya and made it difficult to create organic forms that were reusable.

Here is a progression of 3D Printed One-Handed Video Game Controllers

Older versions are considerably more boxy before I was more proficient in 3D modeling.

These represent the more recent iterations and a change in tools that have helped me make things.