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My User-Centered Design Process

I follow a User-Centered Design Process to design experiences that resonate with users and stakeholders. I find myself enjoying working on complicated applications and problem that delight people and make a difference. Obviously, each project brings its own unique challenges, constraints, and opportunities; however, there are a few common elements.

A picture of iterative research cycle involving discovery and analysis
  • Discovery – Discovery involves identifying problems, figuring out what the stakeholder goals and all the systemic surroundings.
  • Analysis – In Analysis I work hard to synthesize my finding and communicate them to the rest of the team.
An Iterative Process of Design involving Low-Fidelity and High-Fidelity
  • Design Exploration – In the part of the design process, I attempt to explore as many different concepts that align to our goals.
  • High Fidelity – This is where we have finalized on the rough workflows and screens and they’re ready to be turned into something more high fidelity.
Build Process of Development and Build
  • Development – This is where development commences and the developers begin working on the design.
  • Launch – The next version is launched to its users. This brings about a reflection and another discovery process to see what hit the mark and what can be improved.

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